20 February 2008

Home Again

What a fabulous vacation! Hubby brought the camera with him to work today, so I don't have any pictures yet, but Maggie looked soooo adorable in her little sunglasses and sunhat!!

Unfortunately, I expected to get home and be all rested and refreshed and ready to go, but I feel really ucky to be home :( My friend that we stayed with was so on the ball, I feel like the worst wife/homemaker/mommy ever. To my credit, she doesn't have kids yet (but she does have a dog, which definitely adds something). Her apartment was neat and organized, and she cooked three healthy meals a day (well, except when we insisted on going out). And then she cleaned up too. I feel completely inadequate.

To make matters even a bit worse? I think Maggie and I picked up a bit of a small bug on the plane. My tummy is wonky, and she's blown out twice so far today and is super-fussy :( With all the messes, our bathroom faucets are getting a workout today.


Sonja said...

You are back!!! Yeah!

siteseer said...

Welcome back!! I missed the little one ... and you too :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Carolyn said...

Glad to see you had fun! Being wonky is pretty much a given after a vacation. But the vacations are still worth it!