28 January 2008

The Weekend in Review

Last weekend was one of those odd weekends where I hardly did anything, but a ton happened anyway. Whew! Back to the old grind can be somewhat relaxing, sometimes.

Friday night was my Girls' Night Out. Woo-hoo!! Thank goodness for a supportive husband :) I went and met a few girlfriends at The Bee's Knees and painted an adorable little heart-shaped picture frame that will hold Maggie's six-month picture (once I go have them taken, that is...). We were having a nice time visiting, and munching on snacks and painting, but I sort of rushed out. See, a couple of hubby's friends had come to the house and were going out for dinner at 9pm. I'm not one to miss out on a meal! Hahahaha... The four of us (and Maggie, of course) headed to Branns for steak. We had the same waitress as last time (about a month ago) and she remembered us too. I'm not sure if that's good or bad....

Saturday morning darling hubby got up to make French toast for breakfast before he headed out to the garage to work on a friend's car for the day. Unfortunately, he may have only skimmed the directions, and used the instant pudding I had in the cupboard for friendship bread instead of the cook and serve pudding called for in the recipe. We learned that this is a VERY IMPORTANT distinction. The pudding started to set-up before the toast made it to the goo and the grill. Oh well. We ended up having cereal, and I washed the cooked, instant pudding off the grill this morning. Lesson learned!

Poor hubby spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on the Jeep of Death. It still isn't done :( Unfortunately it has to be finished (and, more importantly, out of our garage) before he can fix what's wrong with his car. In the meantime, he's driving my car (except for tomorrow, when he'll beg a ride from someone else so Maggie and I can go to infant massage).

Saturday night and Sunday night, I shamefully looked forward to and watched two TV shows which probably have no intellectual or cultural worth, but I enjoyed anyway. hahaha...Saturday night I saw Miss Michigan crowned Miss America, and Sunday night was (of course!) Rock of Love 2!!

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