24 January 2008

Thursday Thirteen - First Edition

This week's theme? Thirteen Simple Things that Make Me Happy. GO!

  1. Long naps (for me or my baby..hahaha)
  2. Monkey bread
  3. Friendship bread (maybe I'm just hungry?)
  4. My baby's soft cheeks (and soft hair, and soft little hands..and..and..and)
  5. Comments (yeah, that was subtle..hehehehe)
  6. My feet touching my husband's feet while we sleep
  7. Rock of Love 2
  8. 24
  9. Visiting with friends
  10. Calling my Grandma
  11. Penguin socks
  12. Good music
  13. Nursing my baby


Anonymous said...

Those are good things :) LOL at #5

Carolyn said...

I LOVE these. Especially the nap. :) - Carolyn (who is freezing and wishes she was home in bed reading a book)

Anonymous said...

Well, here's one to help with #5 :D

Guess I could have added that to my own list hehe

It was hard to pick just 13 though!

I liked your list!! :D