10 January 2008

Party Time :)

All my friends (okay, two of them) are sending out emails this week to schedule get-togethers. Woo-hoo!! So I get to catch up with friends on the 19th, and then on either the 18th or 25th (I voted for the 25th), I'm going with another group to either make 'glass fusion' plates or paint pottery. Always a good time :)

Luckily my fantastic husband knows I'm here all day with Maggie and he's supportive of my events that I go to without her (which are few and far between, usually), so he'll spend some quality time with his little girl (more quality time, that is, since he also does a lot with her every evening). I just have to come up with food. You know how I loves me some pumping (NOT!). I tried a bit this morning and got a whopping ounce. Yeah. Not quite enough. Good thing I have another week or so before I need a couple bottles ready!

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