03 January 2008

My 'Two Cents' Worth...

I think a bank, or especially a credit union, should try to make it easy for you to give your money to them. After all, they then use the funds to earn more interest than they're paying you. So why be stingy, right?
I just got back from trying to accomplish #4 on my recent To-Do list. My dilemma? The jars are mostly pennies. And the stupid credit union wants me to use their CoinStar machine or roll the coins before depositing them. They'll only charge me 7.9% for using their machine. C'mon, people! Why are you charging me to give you my money? You need to put it in a bag, not rolls, before you sell it back to the Fed anyway! Grrr.....
So I snottily said, "I'll go to TCF - they do it for free." Then I took my money and left. Next problem? I got seriously pissed at TCF years ago when they incompetently refused to change my name on my accounts.
Now, what do I do with three jars of coins (yeah, mostly pennies...)?

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