07 January 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

Let's see if I can have a bit more success with this week's list!

1) Call the pediatrician's office and see if they actually show our account at a zero balance yet (which it should be).

2) Find out about the free infant massage class through the hospital that I wanted to take with Maggie.

3) Finish sorting through clothes and organizing clothing storage (yes, this did actually get started yesterday! :) ).

4) Finish scrapbooking 2005. (Yes, I said 2005.)

5) Work 30 hours (which means 28 hours to go :( ).

6) Start straightening my office.

7) Order some new shorts online (cuz there's only a month til we go to the Bahamas!!!).

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gail said...

I beg you, take me with you.

ThespAc said...

Whoa, scrapbooking 2005? haha, that's funny. Think you'll reach 2006 & 07 by the end of this year? :P

Thank you for commenting at my blog! You are absolutely right, i just gotta force my butt to sit down and write.