14 January 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow - I did pretty well last week! That makes this week's list look like a walk in the park (if it were spring, I mean...a walk in the park right now would be cold and wet. ew).

1) Work 30 hours (26 to go)
2) Infant massage class on Tuesday
3) Do lunch with Jodi any day but Wednesday
4) Finish scrapbooking 2005 (yes, still 2005)
5) Continue working in office, along with organizing new closet shelves - woo-hoo!!
6) Contact Spirit airlines to make sure we can check our carseat without it counting as additional luggage when we go to the Bahamas next month
7) Go to Spirit's website to pre-pay for checked bags for next month's trip
8) Girls Night Out on Saturday - Yippee!!

1 comment:

Steph said...

I think it's GREAT that you make lists and I totally believe you can get it all done!