10 January 2008


So I went to look and see who Carolyn was before I posted my linky love and responded to her question in my comments..duh! I know Carolyn! Hi!! Let me finish this post then I'll come catch up with you via your blogs!

Anyway, the shirts I LOVE right now are the Glamourmom nursing tops. And my shameless plug is that if you do go order one, use referral code BEBA47 and help me get more of 'em! Hahahaha... They're less lycra-feeling and more cottony than other nursing tank tops, and the built in bra is just on the inside, so the outside is a very smooth line. And I love the longer length tops because they cover my stomach. I've lost all of my pre-pregnancy weight (and then some), but the skin on my stomach still looks sort of orange-peely to me. (Yeah, I am my own worst critic ;) ) In all honesty, I do have one tiny complaint. The hooks that hold the flaps up can be fickle. Make sure it snaps when you do it up, or it may come undone and start opening when you least expect it! Hope you like them as much as I do.

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Carolyn said...

LOL - glad I could get caught up with YOU! Lovin the baby pics. And of course the writing but REALLY it's all about the baby pics. :)