18 January 2008

Good Thing She's Cute!

The baby is awake. Still. Again. Whatever.

She fell asleep at about 11am, as I got out of the shower. I only have two bottles in the freezer, and will probably need them tomorrow night so I can go out, then I have a dentist appointment on Monday, so I wanted to have one available for then too. So I started pumping. I only pumped for 20 minutes (yeah, got just over an ounce...grr!!!) so I could try and get some work in while she slept. I need to work two hours at a time and got clocked in at 11:20. And now she's already awake.

And fussing. And hiccuping. Let the one fingered typing begin :P

Good thing she's so darn cute!

1 comment:

gail said...

I feel ya sista! I have to say she is really cute.