04 January 2008

Boat Donation

Huh. I've been asked to post my opinion about a site dealing with boat donation. I think it's a swell idea. There have been a couple times in the last few years when I'd especially recommend it to my hubby. Hahahaha....(mostly kidding, honey).

Unfortunately, the request was to also post this video. Honestly, I tried to embed it, but it just isn't working. Which isn't all bad in my book. The video is some super-religious cartoon. With Spanish subtitles.

The point of posting the video was because that is what they use some of the money from the donated boats for. That isn't one of the first things listed on the boat donation site. I guess I mostly figure that once I've donated the boat, I don't much care what happens to it, as long as I get my tax deduction.

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