02 January 2008

Appreciation Wednesday

Honest, sometimes I have my own good ideas, but today I'm again following Karaoke Diva's. Heck, this one wasn't even her idea ;)

From That's My Answer:

1. It’s Appreciation Wednesday. Who and/or what do you appreciate today?
As everyone else has headed back to work, I appreciate my work-at-hom-job that enables me to stay home and take care of my baby. And my husband, who makes adjustments so we can make it with my income being very reduced.

2. What is your favorite Hostess treat? Do you eat it a certain way?
Hmm....Probably either Twinkies or Fruit Pies. But the fruit pies have to be red. Like cherry, I think.

3. You just spent the entire day absorbed in a video or computer game. What game were you playing? Although I've certainly never played it for an entire day, the only game I play on the computer is Zuma. If I had the Sims, I have a feeling I'd be seriously addicted, but since I don't have time for that, I've never bothered to get it. Nipping that problem right in the bud, I'd say.

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