09 January 2008

Am I Too Picky?

I agreed to have a Pampered Chef show when I was at a friend's show back in October. It was shortly before our Germany adventure, so I told the consultant that I couldn't have it til February. We set a date then. I didn't write the date down, since I figured my show would actually be more important to her (to make a living) than to me (to be nice and have a night with friends, which I can do without Pampered Chef...).

I haven't heard anything else from the consultant. Back when I did Partylite actively, I would send a thank-you-for-booking card or letter the day after I booked a show. It would have the date on it, among other things. Now I don't have the receipt (with the chicky's name/number on it), and I'm not sure if the show might be scheduled for when I'm in the Bahamas. Regardless, it's not much more than a month away. If I were the consultant, I'd want a hostess to be getting excited, you know? Maybe I'm just being too picky, but I know how I did it when it was my business...

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