29 December 2007

So Much Room!!

I figured out the fastest way to be happy with our house - after two months in a tiny German apartment, home sweet home feels like a PALACE!! With the way the real estate market is lately, we figure we won't be upgrading any time soon. But with the comparison we've got fresh in our minds now, we have plenty of room here! Hahahahaha...

This weekends projects (which could have run all last week, but we procrastinated) are a lot of clearing clutter, and organizing the space we do have. Fantastic hubby did the long counter in the kitchen last night (and now I have my own junk drawer - woo-hoo!!), and he said the bedroom is up for tomorrow.

The big problem in the bedroom? My clothes. In boxes. It's from the whole pregnancy thing. I have 'regular' clothes, maternity clothes and nursing clothes. And never the twain shall meet? Something like that.

My goal is to work on clearing some space in my office so Maggie can play in here while I work. It hasn't been cleaned in...oh...years, so I think my work is cut out for me.


Anonymous said...

Time to go shopping? lol.

Unknown said...

I find the bigger the house, the more room you have to clutter. I need to keep reminding myself to organize but I don't think I'll have the time until E is in college.
I know what you mean about Real estate, I'm in the business and it's too daunting to start it up again because of the crappy market.
Welcome home.