17 December 2007

Only THREE more wake-ups!!

It's getting close now.

We're currently operating without a swing (which has been without batteries for a week anyway) and a changing table (so I'm using the coffee table, since I don't drink coffee anyway..hahaha). They're both boxed up in the corner of the room, ready to ship home. Tonight the man has to go through his clothes and decide exactly what he's wearing til we get home, so I can stop doing laundry.

I didn't work over the weekend, and I really should have. So today, I got up when the man went to work, and I'm already working. Well, in between wearing out the carpet walking up and down the hall to check on the baby, who is sleeping in our bed surrounded by pillows and blankets. The (possibly unrealistic) goal is to do seven hours today and seven hours tomorrow, then a lazy six hours on Wednesday. I'm supposed to finish between 25 - 30 hours this week, so that would leave me Thursday afternoon (IN THE USA) and Friday to do 5 - 10 hours. We'll see.

Guess what I have that you (probably) don't??? REINDEER TOILET PAPER!!! When we went to the market on Saturday, we were trying to just get those last couple of things we need to keep us alive and somewhat comfortable in the apartment through Wednesday. We were looking for the cheapest toilet paper possible, but then this awesome stuff caught my eye. It has brown reindeer, along with 'Happy New Year,' and 'Merry Christmas,' - that's right - IN ENGLISH - printed on it. Although the German toilet still stinks, the reindeer give me a bit of a smile while I suffer.

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Steph said...

Yay for reindeer toilet paper and for being home soon.