30 December 2007

Car Play

Well, hubby is working on his car. I'm sure he's glad to be home! Hahahaha...Unfortunately, it's nothing fun today. Something about a ball joint. Sounds painful, and he's already been working without the results he wanetd all morning :(

Luckily my car is loaded with options and still under warranty. Back when we got my Cadillac (because I wanted a four-door for the baby), we also looked at the Chrysler 300. Since hubby is a 'car guy' (maybe I'll go into my theory about all that someday...), we always do stuff to our cars anyway. I think next on the list for the Caddy is the iPod adapter thingy so I can play all my music in the car. Woo-hoo! If we'd gone with the Chrysler, I'm sure we'd be deciding between a Chrysler 300 accessory or two..or three..or..hahahahaha...

Cars can definitely be a source of endless entertainment ;)

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