11 November 2007

The Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Wuppertal Zoo and rode on the Schwebebahn (for those of you from the Detroit area, it's like the People Mover, but it actually serves its purpose). Hopefully the mister will get a chance to get the pictures off the camera tomorrow at the office. Dial-up internet isn't incredibly friendly to dealing with pictures :)

Maggie didn't seem super impressed by the animals. I think she may still be a bit too little yet. Mommy learned that 'wupper' (or something close to it) means 'valley.' What this should have meant to Mommy was that we spent the first half of the day walking uphill, and the second half of the day walking downhill. Who needs a thighmaster??

1 comment:

Steph said...

I hope you had a great time at the zoo and that you're not too sore today! :)