27 November 2007

Does Not Compute

How many kids are relying entirely too much on the computer now-a-days? I was playing with my brother-in-law's little quiz computer game thingy last week, and I cleaned his clock on the computing games. Maybe more kids need math tutors than their parents think? Saying nothing about my brother-in-law, of course, but I think too many people (not even just kids) rely on the computer to do basic math for them.
Gosh, I think I'm officially getting old when I start saying, "Back in my day..." Hahahahaha....oh well. Better over the hill than under it, right? And I'm not THAT old!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I AM over the hill... and I DO rely on the calculator. I'd be useless without it. I'll try to do more in my head lol.