24 October 2007

Weird Coincidence

I think I've mentioned that the data entry job I just started doing again now is with the same company as a job I had a few years ago. I remember it was really weird when I started there last time. My supervisor was a girl who had grown up down the street from me, and it turned out that she knew a bunch of psycho people that I'd known years later. Visiting with her brought huge flashbacks.
Fast forward til now. There were six people in my training class, and the one next to me looked familiar. I didn't think much of it, since I've had several 'public' sort of jobs in that city (bank teller, working at Kinko's..the kind of stuff where you see everyone eventually). Everyone got to conversing over lunch, and it turns out that Jen was the bartender at the bar where we went after work at Kinko's like every day. We were so regular there that if I ran behind leaving work, I'd knock on the door of the then-closed bar and the staff would let me in to join my co-workers. Yup. And she remembered us when I saw her again last Thursday.
How does that office always bring back that time in my life?

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