23 October 2007

Tuesday Twosome

and now for your reading pleasure, the Tuesday Twosome.

1. Do you take vitamins and if so, what?
Yup. Still take my prenatal vitamins, as recommended since I'm still breastfeeding.
2. Do you make an effort to eat healthy, or you eat whatever you feel like eating?
I usually eat whatever I feel like eating, except too much chocolate or any caffeine. I don't eat enough :(
3. What two types of food do you have a hard time staying away from?
Like I said, lately I don't usually eat enough. There isn't really anything to stay away from (besides that chocolate and caffeine thing..)
4. What are two food items you refuse to eat?
I've had cornmeal gruel. I don't think there's anything I've refused lately.
5. Are you pleased with your daily diet or do you think it could be better?
My daily diet could definitely be better! I just try to keep eating, within my time and budget constraints...

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