26 October 2007


After I talked to the man yesterday (yippee!!) I got to add some things onto my list of what I have to do before packing and leaving in (yikes!) two days. Apparently it's not like Arizona real estate where we're staying in Germany. Cold, actually. And probably not a lot of daylight. When I was there in December a few years ago, the 'good' daylight was just from about 10am til 4pm. At least I can take advantage of it - he has to be at work. :( So back on topic, either tonight or tomorrow, I need to go find some warmer baby wraps. If I want to be able to take her out in the stroller, I ideally need something more like a snowsuit with legs so the straps fit around her right. She'd need it eventually anyway, I just didn't think I'd have to go get it so soon. I suppose I probably could wait til we get there, but I'm scared of what I'll find when I try to go out shopping in a strange culture - things just aren't the same! What an adventure!

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