10 October 2007


Okay. Stressed is just desserts backwards, right?

It takes me an hour to pump four ounces. Sometimes I still can't get it. I just spent 45 minutes and have just less than two ounces, and haven't gotten anything in the last ten minutes, so I'm taking a break. I NEED to have bottles pumped for someone else to watch her while I train from my job. Today's pumping efforts are so I can go to a friend's candle party. Grr...!!!

I still need to line up daycare for when I train for my job. Ideally, I'd like people to come here. Secondly, I'd like them all to be clones of me, cuz I'm not ready to leave her with ANYONE else! So far I have her daddy working from home one day, and my brother coming over one day, and one of my best friends who is very good with babies coming another day. That leave four more six-hour days to cover. Grrr...!!!

How in hell does one pack for TWO MONTHS away from home with a baby? Seriously. I'm clueless here. I think we'll be most limited by the actual luggage we own. Is hubby going to set up to ship things? He's gone a week before we go, so I'm PETRIFIED that it won't be done when he leaves, so I'll be home alone with the baby (except that's the week I need to go in to the office and train for the new job), and need to pack stuff for both of us and get the house ready to be vacant for two months, and set up the stuff for my parents to pick up along with the cat a couple days after we leave. Grrr.....!!!!


Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

I think I just got a sympathetic hive from all the stress you are under. I don't know how you are doing it, but I am totally impressed!

And a little jealous :) I think your home away from home sounds fun.

Steph said...

Take a DEEP breath. The stress will not help the pumping. I read a great article in Parenting once that talked about all the great things your baby learns from the other people who watch them, specifically because they are not like you. I hope you can get it all packed. Make a list of ALL the things you use in one day to take care of her (make it as you use them), then organize it by priority and figure out what you can pack and send, and what needs to be on you.


Anonymous said...

((HUGS)) Hang in there, and just remember to BREATHE!