20 October 2007

Sports Fans...

Okay, seriously? I'm not really a sports fan. I don't know who's playing today, who's favored to win, or who I want to win (unless one team has way prettier uniforms than the other...then it's a given ;) ). But I do love a good party, though. If I had world series tickets, you can bet we'd be there. We go to a few Tigers games each summer, and I never pass up an opportunity to watch the Wings. However, it's not a central feature of my life and/or plans.

See, I have a theory. It's sort of about dating. And now some butthead is probably going to steal it (I was planning to write a book about it way back when..).
Anyway, there are two types of guys. If a girl tries to hook up with the wrong type (long-term, I mean), it won't work. Which isn't to say that girls exactly fit in one of the two types, they just relate infinitely better to one or the other, as far as I've seen.
Seriously, before I give away my whole million dollar book idea...do you really want to hear about one more relationship theory? (I'm such a tease!!!)

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