30 October 2007

I'd Never Have Remembered It Before Yesterday

St. Augustine, Florida is the nation's oldest city. What's so remarkable about this fact? Well, besides the St. Augustine shopping, the guy I met on the plane yesterday was from St. Augustine. If I'd known then what I know now, I could have asked him if he'd been able to catch part of the Uptown Saturday Nights' events. Besides the one that was on October 27th, there's another coming up on November 24th. It's free, and they've got stuff for everyone! It all takes place in the Uptown San Marco Shopping District from 5 - 9pm. The galleries, antique stores and other unique shops stay open a little later for the festivities. Participating shops offer visitors (and locals, of course!!) an open house atmosphere with wine and refreshments that add to the festive night time atmosphere. It's a great opportunity to meet the artists, get books signed by local authors, and enjoy live music and other entertainment. How much fun would it be to start your holiday shopping there?! You could get your loved ones one-of-a-kind gifts while having a great time on a night out for yourself (or you and that special someone). I like old, touristy stuff, so I'm sure St. Augustine would be right up my alley for a good time!

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