12 October 2007


So I just woke up on the couch again. Kind of a bummer, but I'm getting used to it. She doesn't cry or anything, just fussing. We got up at 4:15, changed her diaper, played for a bit, nursed, and she wanted to keep playing. So at 5am, she switched to the magic swing ride, and mommy went to sleep on the couch.
But when mommy woke up just now (okay, this is me, now), I'm horribly bummed out. I was drinking too much in my dream, of some stuff I've never heard of. I've heard that alcohol is a depressant, but this is pushing it.
Things are starting to shape up right now :) I got the day care situation covered for my job training, our flights are booked, we know where we'll be living, and we even know that we'll have (at least) dial-up internet access. We even have a mommy and daddy date with another couple and no kids tonight while his mom watches the baby. So why am I suddenly melancholy? :(

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Anonymous said...

Too much alcohol in your sleep?