24 October 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth?

Welp, it looks like all the Disney fans may need to head to Disneyworld and Orlando vacation rental schedules if the fire doesn't spare Disneyland in California (and hopefully it's already been spared). I'm so glad I live in Michigan sometimes. And not just because we're closer to Disneyworld and Disneyworld is bigger than Disneyland anyway (I think I once heard that Disneyland is actually the smalled Disney park. Just sayin.).
As I was saying, I like living in Michigan cuz we don't have big fires. Or earthquakes.
Wow. Based on those mumble jumble sentences so barely strung together with any semblance of coherence, I should probably go to sleep already. Sorry to have taken away those few minutes of your time reading this that you'll never get back! :P Yikes!

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