13 October 2007

Date Night Recap

So last night was very nice. We went to an Italian restaurant that everyone else had been to before. It was very good. I pulled my usual 'trick' with the waitress.
See, I'm horrible at deciding what I want to eat, so I usually just narrow it down to two or maybe three things that sound good. Then I ask the waitperson which of those they recommend, and go with it :) Last night it was between the Broiled Salmon and the Shrimp Primavera. The salmon won, and it was delicious.
More useless background? I eat a lot of seafood when we go out, cuz my man doesn't like to eat seafood at home. Sometimes I'll have a salmon filet for lunch, but he prefers if I try and have everything cleaned and a candle burning by the time he gets home, cuz he hates the smell too. So I have seafood nearly every time we eat out. YUM!!
Anyway, the date was fun, and Maggie survived with a babysitter/grandma again. DH pointed out that his mother has already done this four times with her own children. My response: She may have done this four times, but this is my only baby. I'll get nervous anyway, no matter where she is away from me. And it turns out she eats a lot more frequently when I'm gone. I'm afraid the puny bottles I am pumping may not be enough. So time to way up the herbs to increase production, and pump my little heart out, I suppose...

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Steph said...

YAY for a date night! :) Im glad she did well.