02 October 2007

Checking Things Off!

Go, me! My to-do list is down to only two things - finishing thank-you cards and mailing back my old office badge. Maggie and I ran errands for the rest today, and she was perfectly behaved! She fell asleep at our first stop (the post office) and just dozed til I pulled into the garage almost an hour later. What a good girl :)

I am still so emotional lately. Some people say it will never go away. That's kind of okay, but kind of bad. Bad cuz I'm getting tired of crying. Okay, because it makes me value what I have so much more. I heard today about a four-year old who is terminal. Even more tragically, they have no diagnosis, just a prognosis. He developed 'normally' until a few months after his second birthday, then just started deteriorating. They said he's now like a four-month old. The doctors estimate he has from 6 to 18 months left to live. I love Maggie so much already, I can't even imagine what I would do if I lost her.

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Steph said...

Im so sorry! We went to church with a woman who's daughter died the same way.. It was really terrible to watch, but taught me to value life because you never know what will happen. There is NOTHING worse than seeing your child struggle for life.