01 October 2007


I don't think I've made it any secret that I want to be pregnant again (not real decided yet on labor and delivery - hahaha). The only thing that would be missing from another pregnancy would be another baby shower! And the best thing about a baby shower now would be these adorable little soaps! Bloomin' Belly Soaps are tiny little pregnant bodies, made of soap - too cute!

The shower favors were just the first thing that caught my eye on the site. They also have pampering products, birth beads for necklaces in the same beautiful pregnant body shape, and some other heart shape and mini soaps for favors and gifts. My very favorite one right now, though, is the 'Pink Mama in Bloom.' It's a silken vanilla soap with a little pink ribbon across her breasts as a reminder of all those affected by breast cancer. What a gorgeous tribute!

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Steph said...

Those are SO great!! :) I love that site. Thank you for posting it. When do you think you guys will try again?