08 September 2007

Winding back down

What a busy day! Maggie and I did the most funnest thing today - I took her in the bath tub with me :) She was totally digging just floating in the tub while I held her head above the water level.

Once we finished up with that, Maggie and my man and I headed to the mall. Unfortunately it's a rather short trip when all you can shop with is coupons that involve no cash (who needs a drug rehab type program to stop shopping? If I stopped cold turkey, anyone can...). I walked away with a pair of free panties from Victoria's Secret (a coupon I got in the mail) and five birthday cards from Hallmark (from my Gold Card rewards - they said I've bought 71 cards this year?? YIKES!!).

But the day was still young! After stopping home to nurse again, we headed to my man's mom's house for dinner. Maggie held up pretty well through all of it.

Tomorrow's adventure? Church! I want to do a dedication ceremony for her at the Unitarian Universalist church, but I figure we should at least make an appearance or two there to a) make sure it's something my man wants to be involved in, and b) keep me from feeling like a total poser. Just sayin.

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