12 September 2007


You didn't think I'd be able to make a WHOLE DAY wordless, did you?

I've been poking around this morning still thinking about my man's offer to send me on vacation. I don't know that there's really anywhere I want to go without him and Mags, especially not for a whole week! Last February (pre-Maggie), he and I went to Disneyworld. I would love for the three of us to do a Florida rental vacation, but probably not til she's a little older and better able to enjoy it.

Did you ever go to Disney as a kid? I remember our trip when I was in elementary school vividly. We were already to go, but then either my brother or I got the chicken pox, so we had to postpone it (since one of us was about to infect the other...). I was in the fifth grade and we drove down there and stayed in a camper (not sure if it was ours or a rental). I still remembered some of the attractions when my man and I went back this year. Disney rocks!

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