04 September 2007


So, how did last week's to-do list go? Let's see, shall we?

  1. Thank you card envelopes got addressed (hey, that's progress...)
  2. The whole BBQ was accomplished (course, we meant to bring it all up north with us too, but forgot some, so we have like 80 hot dogs left...guess what's for dinner? hahaha)
  3. Completely didn't start on birthday cards. Put it back on the list for this week, I suppose...
  4. Purple Heart stuff was picked up - YAY!!
  5. Scrapbooking is still just a dream. But I've committed to starting to clear off the counter top in my office, so I can get a work space ready.

And this week we need to add:

  1. Call state offices to see what documentation is required to correct baby M's birth certificate. (and then start mail in said documentation with check and start waiting - again - for corrected birth certificate)
  2. Call midwife to schedule 6 week post-delivery follow-up.
  3. Do lunch with friend.

And this weekend we're thinking we'll go to the Renaissance Festival. If I remember correctly, we missed it completely last year. I think this year it may work with baby M by just laying her down in the stroller (not in the carseat of doom). We'll see - keep your fingers crossed!

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