13 September 2007


I think my poor baby girl has too much gas tonight :( Yes, it's just after midnight and I'm still awake. She's woken up screaming twice so far. Since darling daddy is the one who brings home the bacon, my job is trying to make sure he can get a good night's sleep. Now I'm wired and ready to jump if she makes a peep again (she sleeps in our bed, so once she's awake, he's awake).

He was the first one trying to put her to bed, and I felt so bad for both of them. She was obviously miserable, and he's not used to trying to soothe her, so he looked like he thought it was his fault. She didn't come with a manual, I've just established my own list of things to try and calm her down. I ended up standing in the living room 'shhhh'-ing and swaying and holding the pacifier to her mouth. Poor thing. Both of them ;)

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