16 September 2007

Lazy Sunday

So much for accomplishing things while my man was out of town. Last week, I got two cupboards organized in the kitchen (pretty sure I already bragged about that...). My goal for this weekend was either cleaning out under the sink in our bathroom (with the goal of comandeering a drawer in there for my make-up, since he hates when I leave it all on the counter in a basket), or continue on another cupboard or two in the kitchen. Yeah. About that.

I'd need to get rubbermaid stuff to do the bathroom. Prepare yourself for a very lame excuse: Maggie spit up (three times!) on my last pair of jeans yesterday, so today after church, I put my pj pants back on. Yes, I've seen what some kids wear out in public lately, but I am NOT going shopping in my pajamas. Oh well.

The kitchen alternative is fading with the daylight. I read a book all day, and now the only way I could do much of anything in our kitchen is if it had some track lighting. My man and I both complain that the one light in the middle of the kitchen just doesn't cut it after dark if you're trying to work on the counters or in the cupboards. So I'm sort of off the hook. Except it's only me that wanted to see something accomplished today, which leaves me kind of disappointed in my own (lack of) productivity. Darn.

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Steph said...

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, so you're off the hook! Giggle. And, reading a book is getting something done. Dont be dissapointed, every mom deserves a day of rest!