25 September 2007

I Must Have Done Something Right!

I FINALLY heard from the company I really want to work for today. After working for them a couple years ago, I knew the jobs they had were perfect for me - work from home, flexible hours, steady work, only a week or two of office training. Starting in July, when I was home waiting for Maggie's arrival, I applied and followed up once a month or so with them.

Today, the manager called me to tell me about what their hiring for now. It's even better than what I had before. I'd work 20 - 30 hour/week consistently (my last project had a break after each quarter), and training is just before our family relocates with my husband's job!

She spoke about training and stuff, which makes me pretty confident in getting the position, but my interview in person with her is tomorrow - cross your fingers!!

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Steph said...

YAY! I hope it goes well! :)