06 September 2007


So maybe my baby prefers to sleep every other day? After the trying day we had yesterday, today is a walk in the park! Which is good, cuz it's the only walk we'll get today. It's SO HOT again... :( She does fine hanging out in the stroller for a walk as long as the temp is below 80 or so. If it's warmer than that, I end up 20 minutes from home with the neighbors peering out their blinds at my screaming baby. Not only embarrasing, but traumatic for me and baby Maggie. It's not like I can tie the stroller to a ladder rack on my back and carry her home or something. I have to walk and try to ignore the screaming. Last time I actually stopped and nursed her under a tree, hoping it may lull her back to sleep, but no luck. The neighbors peering out of their blinds just got a little more than they bargained for. Hahahahaha

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