05 September 2007

Good Night!

Can you tell I've scammed a few more minutes for myself this evening? All my new mom friends will understand my elation at this :) I'm headed off to bed now. Maggie is already asleep on her little incline sleeper between our pillows. I'm afraid tonight is going to have the same struggles as last night, with an additional twist. I think I have a clogged milk duct or something, cuz I can't seem to get the twins emptied. The biggest hassle of this (besides my ongoing discomfort), is the fact that it hurts to burp my baby. How frustrating!
And the added twist? The batteries in the swing died. This is a major, MAJOR malfunction. My man is going to do some fancy power conversion thing so we can plug it in, but until then, I'm not sure how kindly Maggie will take to having it out of commission. Cross your fingers for us to get some good sleep...especially her, because if Maggie sleeps, we all sleep :)

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