07 September 2007

Good News in a sometimes Bad World

I was coming to the computer to post a gigantic, 'GO, ME!!' While Maggie napped this afternoon, I've cleaned and organized two kitchen cupboards, pumped 2 oz of breastmilk (this is good for me :) ), sterilized all my pumping stuff and started straightening/cleaning/organizing my office desks and counters. So a great big yippee for me!

But then when I opened up my internet browser I was met with the story of little Madeleine's mother possibly being responsible for her disappearance??? This is a bad story no matter what. Either this poor little girl could have been accidently killed by her mother, and then had her body hidden all this time - or her poor mother has been legitimately searching tirelessly for her little girl, and is now actually accused of having something to do with her going missing? Neither possibility pans out well in my book.

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