13 September 2007


I'm still thinking about that vacation. I'll have to tell him what a good thing he's done already just by giving me something fun to focus on! Has anyone been to Branson? For some reason, it makes me think of cowboys, but according to their website, it's the "Live Music Capital of the World." A listing of attractions shows it's got a lot of the regular tourist-y stuff, but that works out since I'm like a 10-year-old kid and LOVE that stuff! Putt-putt golf, anyone?

On another note, the baby is clean as a whistle and cute in her little outfit, and we're going out for Mexican! Yum! She's been relatively quiet since I wrote last, but I didn't have to wake her up for her bath - she woke up again, poor girl. My ideal right now (well, for the rest of the night) would be that she's finally worn herself out and will through dinner so I can eat. Can I add I wouldn't mind if she slept a few hours during the night too, or would that be pushing my luck?

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