21 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby J!

So today Grandma came to pick us up and the three of us (me, Grandma and baby Maggie) went to Baby J's first birthday party. Happy first birthday! Baby J is the one who gave us most of our baby clothes, and today she gave us a bunch of toys! As soon as Maggie can hold her head up, we will be ready to par-tay! hahaha
Today's other project is trying not to snap at everyone. Maggie is not one of my victims, but everyone else has been getting on my last nerve. The biggest problem is that I really, rationally don't think they're all THAT stupid. I'm afraid it's a touch of post-partum depression. Part of my depression in the past has been HUGE annoyance and rage with the world around me. Like I said, I don't get mad at Maggie, so instead of calling the doctor (who will want to put me on meds, which I despise), I'm trying to focus on eating right, getting fresh air and exercise, and consciously trying to modify my attitude and be more pleasant. Keep your fingers crossed!

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