23 August 2007

23 > 20 ??

For lack of finding another work at home job yet, I keep trying to get on the list for a paid blogging site so I can get paid for a few entries (especially since I've been making an effort to post more regularly...), but I just got rejected AGAIN! This is my third rejection. The first was for not having my blog longer than 90 days (completely false), the second was for not having 20 entries in the last 90 days (okay, that one can stay, since I didn't post while in labor or shortly before, due to my general miserable-ness). But now, I've been rejected AGAIN for not having 20 entries in the last 90 days. I had 2 entries in June, 9 in July, and 20 so far this month. That doesn't add up to more than 20? I think someone over there doesn't like me. :(
Does anyone have any LEGITIMATE leads for work at home stuff? I applied for one phone customer service one that I'm waiting to hear back on, but I'd really prefer data entry type stuff. Anyone need anything entered? I'm your chick!

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