20 July 2007

Seriously, do I need this stress now??
Went to the midwife yesterday and suddenly feel like everything is falling apart! My protein was a little low, so now we get to watch what I eat more. Yippee. My Group B strep test came back worse on the second run, so they suggested a yeast infection? Duh! That's probably why my hoo-ha has been yucky for months, but I was told that it was probably normal. Thanks?
So I called my regular doctor for a regular prescription of Diflucan. I get even worse symptoms from the over the counter meds, so I wanted the stuff I usually take. Unfortunately, no one will prescribe it for me cuz 'the book' says not to give it to pregnant women. The reason the book says not to? It may cause spontaneous abortion. Excuse me? I'm almost 42 weeks pregnant. I think at this point that's called delivery, and it's not a bad thing!!
So now I've got natural remedies in motion, and hopefully can have some relief soon, no thanks to the asshats I've called for help lately.

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