27 March 2007

Yesterday convinced me I always want to have a Cadillac. Since hubby got it for me about a month ago, we'd realized that the trunk weighed a TON! I literally needed both hands to lift it. Mildly annoying, but we just put it on the list of things to deal with later. Then Sunday night, for the second time, the horn kept honking. Yeah. Like going off without me pushing it. And this time it would not stop. Hubby finally got under the hood and pulled the relay (a complicated manuever I never would have figured out on my own!).
So Monday morning found me driving straght to the dealership in hopes of some resolution. My service advisor met me at my door as soon as I pulled into the service bay. After listening carefully to my concerns, he had me sign my car away, then handed me a slip to pick up a rental car across the hall. Enterprise swiped my credit card just for a deposit and pulled around another Cadillac for me to drive for the day - that the dealer paid for!
That afternoon, the service advisor called to say the horn was fixed but nothing was wrong with the trunk. I asked him kindly to go compare my car with someone elses on his own, cuz I really, really thought it was heavier than the trunk on my rental.
On my way home from work at 8pm, I stopped to pick up my car. The service advisor said he and the manager agreed with me, and both springy things on the trunk had been replaced. My car had also been washed! Everything is as good as new, and I'll recommend them to everyone!
Really made my day to have everything taken care of, at little inconvenience to me, while I was at work! Thank goodness for good customer service!

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