20 January 2007

Wow. So I've drifted away from blogging a bit, eh? Being pregnant is exhausting work! By the time I work all day, then surf my regular boards and the new baby boards I frequent, I'm beat!
Tomorrow I'm supposed to go scrapbooking with my mom and SIL, then out to dinner at my parents, but I may have to miss it all. DH is sick and he had picked me up from work yesterday since his mom wanted to see us for dinner, so I don't have a car. :( Huge bummer. My job still tonight is to at least get the preliminary work done for some pages, so if he's feeling better, I'll be ready to go.

We went to our first real appointment with the midwife last week (although we'd initially interviewed her back in November). A traditional hospital/OB birth is SOO not for me. After my doctor's appointments, I've been ornery and exceptionally emotional for the rest of the day. After meeting with the midwife and her assistants, I'm exhilirated!! I feel like I've never been excited before, I'm so excited by the time we're done with a visit there. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again - it was 150. And they showed us exactly how to feel where my uterus is. I believe I'll start feeling the baby move soon, and just knowing that makes my tummy all fluttery! hahaha

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