20 December 2006

How good are you at lip reading? I've usually thought I'm not too bad, but boy, did I almost blow it tonight!
I went out with some friends from work tonight, and only one of them knows my big secret. When she arrived, she mouthed to me, "Did you tell?" For whatever reason, I decided she asked how I was feeling. Yeah. Big difference. I gave her a huge grin and a thumbs up :) Which of course meant she thought she no longer had a secret. Luckily we figured out our communication lapse before the beans were spilled, but c'mon! How much further off base could I be? hahaha
I also had the (not-so) good sense to try and call someone for something in direct relation to my secret today, at work, while my office was full of people. As soon as the lady on the other end of the phone asked a question besides my basic information, I was all, "Uh..yeah...I'm gonna have to call you back." I will call her back - tomorrow - from my car - alone, but she's got to think I'm the biggest dork! Why did I call when I really couldn't say anything? Duh!
I've been having a whole blond day!!

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