29 December 2006

Grr...so we went and saw the new doc this morning. We both liked him. The problem? The birthing center he delivers at doesn't have water births, and they transfer 1/3 of the patients to the hospital L&D. I think that sounds like a high transfer rate. Mom gave me another lead that's a practice in Plymouth who has midwives and doctors...I supposed I need to go see them next. I am so sick of doctors.

On a happier note? Who's the luckiest girl?? I AM!! I'm running low on fundage (as usual), but told Mr. Man not to worry about paying the cleaning people next week - I'm sure something would fall into place. Sure enough, I get home today and there's a $100+ check from my auto insurance company. Turns out, something was wacky during my name change/our combining policies, and they owed me a refund. Okay :) I did call to double check, but it's my money! Woo-hoo!! Luckiest girl's luck pulls through again!!

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