04 December 2006

Day 4!! Woo-hoo!! It's an exciting day around here. We finished up the ceramic tile in the kitchen last week and I washed everything that got coated in dust from that. So we almost were functioning like grown-ups again. Almost. Course, what's the point of bringing the dining room table up from the crawl space and reassembling it if the next thing you're going to do is put all the living room furniture in the dining room to redo another floor? Ugh.
I talked him in to waiting til after the cleaning people came today, so he did. After the house was nice and sparkly clean, but before I got home from work, he moved the living room furniture in to the dining room, and ripped up all the carpet and padding in the living room. Next step? Leveling that floor from the basement so he can start laying the hardwood down. He thinks it'll be done in two weeks. I really hope so. I just wish I'd had a chance in the couple of hour window of opportunity to see the house clean. Just for a minute...

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