26 October 2006

What a week!
After being busy with the wedding all last weekend (hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon), we went and saw Brian Regan at the Michigan Theater. He is my VERY FAVORITE comedian :) If it's still available, check out the clips from Comedy Central here.

Monday I started my new job. Same company, just learning a new position in another area. So far, so good. Just additional stress of wanting to do well, of course.

Wednesday we headed downtown to see the Red Wings beat the San Jose Sharks. Yup - I got to go this time :D Somehow we even fit in a short visit with some friends downtown on our way.

Tomorrow night we're headed to a Halloween party. It's the same one we went to last year (not sure if I mentioned it then). I'm going as a ladybug and he's going as a safari bug catcher guy. I'm guessing he's gonna chase me around with a net all night. Hehehehehehe...married life definitely can be fun!

Saturday culminates in another wedding - but only the second of three weekends in a row! At least we're not in any more of the weddings. Just the celebrating! :D Hope your autumn is as fun-filled!

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