07 October 2006

Crazy busy weekend!! Last night I hurried home from work to change and go to the KMFDM concert. Awesome time! From there, we talked our crowd into going to City Club, where we hadn't been in AGES! Also a very good time.
Course, I think we're getting old when we were all dead on our feet and had to head home at around 1:30. *giggle* Oh well. Old people sometimes have a good time too!

Tonight we're heading out to meet my parents at a campground and enjoy a campfire and some s'mores. The added bonus is that it's the parks Halloween celebration this weekend. All the sites should be decorated, and they're having activities and stuff too. We'll get to walk through a haunted forest! Woo-hoo! Unfortunately we didn't get our butts in gear fast enough to see the trick or treaters. That's going on right now, which is why we have to wait a bit to leave (no car traffic during trick or treating at the campground...).

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