31 August 2006

Damn I wish I didn't suck at electronic-ness (or whatever skill I'm lacking that would enable me to share a picture from a camera with the internet world...). We just finished having the kitchen, dining room, hallway and main bathroom painted. I would L-O-V-E to share, but I can't figure out how.

The kitchen is now a super pale purple. You can't even tell it's purple without a comparison, practically. [Well, except for the outside of the door from the garage. That's definitely girly-purple - sorry, honey!] On the far dining room wall, there's three shades of purple - a darker one on the top, the same as the rest of the room and the kitchen in the middle, and an even paler shade on the bottom. In between these three very wide stripes are one inch white stripes. It's very cool.

The hallway is a tad darker tan than our living room. Yes. It's nice.

The bathroom is a dark pink shade called strawberry crush with a super pale pink rag-painted over it. I really like it. The guy that did all the painting for us said it reminds him of a Hawaiian shirt. My friend that saw it this afternoon said it looks like someone's head exploded :D And he somehow fit this fact into a conversation about heads exploding instead of a conversation about my bathroom. Funny how some people can bend the world to their whim.

I still like all of it!!

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