12 July 2006

Well, I've started physical therapy again today, per the instructions of my neurosurgeon yesterday :) It's just a few weeks, a few times a week, learning some stretches and exercises that will strengthen my back, increase the strength and range of motion in my (previously) bad leg, and (hopefully) keep me from needing surgery again down the road. Here goes nothing, eh?

The stuff for my brother's wedding is ramping up too. The bachelorette party and the first bridal shower are in a few weeks. We're doing them the same weekend because it will allow the guests who travel from out of state to attend both :) Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the maid/matron of honor has ever BEEN to a bachelorette party before. We're meeting at some supposedly fancy place in a bad part of town for drinks and dessert. The place closes at 11pm. So of course I won't be drinking, and I hate the idea of watching the other (younger) girls drink, then have to drive home from who-knows-where. Oh well. I was hoping for another party bus experience, but what can you do?


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